Can I reapply for Schengen visa if it was rejected?

Schengen visa applications get rejected quite often.

On average it takes 3 times to go to the consulate or visa application centre before your Schengen visa is approved.

Very often people believe that they know exactly what documents a consulate requires for a Schengen visa but in reality it is not so.
So what can be done if your Schengen visa application was rejected? Well, there can be two different cases when it happens. A visa officer may inform you that your Schengen visa application can not be accepted because you need to provide some extra documents to support your visa application. In this situation what you need to do is gather the documents requested and submit your Schengen visa application again and you do not have to pay embassy fee again. Normally, you are allowed to do that within a few days from the original day of submission. The second situation that needs to be mentioned is when you see a rejection stamp in your passport instead of a Schengen visa label, which means your visa is refused. The rejection stamp is not a very good thing at all for it prevents you from getting a Schengen visa until you have it cancelled by the consulate which put it inside your passport.
If your Schengen visa application got rejected, you would have to reapply for your visa and pay the embassy fee again. Though you can reapply for a Schengen visa any time after the refusal, the first thing to do is to find out why the visa was not approved. If you fail to identify the reason, the chances that your visa application will be rejected again are very high.
You can make an appeal if you do not agree with the consulate’s decision. You can find out what the procedure is on the Schengen embassies web sites.
Quite often applicants do not have the complete application pack but still sure that one missing document will not matter, the truth is that each piece required must be submitted and it is better to provide more paperwork than the consulates ask for than less.

Just think that a simple consultation on a Schengen visa can help you avoid the hassle of dealing with the rejection stamp, save the money paid for the trip and eventually make the trip happen.

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Do you know all about Schengen visa requirements?

One of the Schengen visa requirements is to have at least two blank pages in the passport for visas. So if there are no blank pages for visas in your passport, you should either renew your passport or apply for a new one. The process of getting a new passport may take up to 4 months and it varies for different nationalities. Can you do anything if you ran out of pages for visas but you have to travel to Europe either for business or you have a holiday booked? The answer is positive and there is more than one solution in this situation.

Ukrainian, Turkish, South African passports, for instance, have a few pages for endorsements at the end in addition to pages for visas. Apparently, you can contact the consulate of your country and ask them to allow a Schengen embassy to put the visa in a passport page not designated for visas. The consulate will put a stamp on such a page and it will be able to be used as a visa page.

Some of the consulates may issue a letter instead of putting a stamp on the passport page, and this letter says that a page for endorsement may be used as a visa page.

What you need to take into account is that your passport must be still valid for at least three months after you come back from your trip.

Other requirements that can cause delay in your visa application include certification of documents issued in countries other than UK or languages other than English and the language of the Schengen country you are planning to visit. If you got married in Russia, for example, and you need to apply for a French Schengen visa, your marriage certificate must be translated into English and certified at the Russian consulate in London. If you got married in Bangladesh, the English translation of your marriage certificate must be attested by the Bangladeshi consulate in London. Some of the countries require you to send the original marriage certificate back to the country that issued the document to have it stamped by the Foreing Office before they attest the translation, so you need to be ware of the time frame in such cases. t works exactly the same way when it comes to birth certificates.

One of the most frequent issues is that your name in the passport differs from your name on other documents, for example, marriage certificate, hotel booking, ticket or insurance.) This can happen as a result of misspelling or a change of name. If it is a mistake, you need to ask to correct it by contacting the organisation which issued the document for you. It is quite easy to correct your misspelt name on a British marriage/birth certificate – you just need to contact your registry office which issued the document and inform them about the mistake. They will produce a new copy of the certificate for you. If the document was issued in another country, but not in the UK, you should contact the consulate of that country for advice.

One of our recent case studies was a situation when the parents’ middle names on an Indian birth certificate were abbreviated and the French consulate rejected the document. The birth certificate was taken to the Indian High Commission which issued a statement confirming the identity of the parents. After that the birth certificate was accepted by the French consulate.

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Schengen Visa for Austria

Schengen Visa Requirements for Austria

There are a lot of reasons why Austria is one of the most favourite destinations:it does not only boasts villages, cities and towns rich with history, but also superb ski resorts suitable for everyone. One can stay in a cosy chalet, modern apartment or choose a hotel corresponding to own taste. After a day on snowy slopes you can relax in a bar or restaurant, or have fun in a night club – Austria has plenty to offer to everybody.

If you need a visa to travel to Austria, you need to apply for it in advance since it may take you quite some time to get your Schengen visa application processed. If your Schengen visa application is accepted, you may expect it to be processed within a few working days, but for some nationalities it may take between 3 and 4 weeks. So, it is very important to make sure that you have enough time for your visa application to be processed, otherwise you might have to postpone or even cancel your holiday.

If you are granted a multiple visa, it means you can travel to other Schengen countries after your journey to Austria, because Austria is part of the Schengen agreement.

Depending on your UK visa, the type of visa you are requesting and some other factors, you would have to provide certain documents to support your application. The following paperwork must be presented by all applicants:

•    Fully completed application form (it can be downloaded from the official Embassy web site)

Valid passport with two blank pages which have the word “visa” on them and valid UK visa stamp. Please note that the passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the validity of the requested visa.

•    Copy of the main page of the passport copy of the UK residence permit

•    2 standard passport-size photos.

For tourist visa you will be asked to provide proof of sufficient funds, employment/college/university letter, hotel and tickets confirmation and medical travel insurance.If you are applying for a tourist visa, hotel confirmation, confirmed ticket and travel insurance are all necessary. The same documents are required for a business visa, plus a letter from the inviting company in Austria or conference registration number. Provide a photo copy of all original documents that you want to keep.

The first thing to do is to book an appointment with the visa section to submit your Schengen visa application. Cost of the visa varies depending on applicant’s age and nationality.

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Do I Need a Schengen Visa is I am married to British?

Best Option for Spouse of British National

It is a common misunderstanding that if a person is married to a British citizen, they do not need a Schengen visa to enter the Schengen area. But British residency – limited or indefinite does not give its holder the right to travel freely across Europe since the United Kingdom is not a member of the Schengen agreement. Therefore, its visas and residency are not acknowledged by the Schengen states.

But some consulates have introduced a simplified procedure for spouse of British citizens. Please note though that not all Schengen consulates allow simplified procedure. One of the Schengen consulates that does not require visa supporting documents such as bank statements, hotel booking, tickets, insurance for a British spouse is French. However this is not the case if the same applicant wants to apply for a Schengen visa with the Spanish consulate. French Schengen visa is one of the easiest and most convenient options for a UK spouse when it comes to getting a multiple entry visa for Europe.

Below is a list of required documents to apply for a French Schengen visa:

Applicant’s passport and their spouses passport;

Completed and signed visa application form and two most recent passport size photos;

Original marriage certificate (if it is not in English or French, it MUST be translated and certified at the consulate of the country which issued that marriage certificate), same goes for birth certificates if any are being submitted;

It is free of charge for British national spouses, because there is no embassy fee for the visa, but you will have to pay the service charge of the visa application centre.

Another reason why French visa is a good option is because it is normally issued for multi trips, which means you can use it to travel to other Schengen countries after your trip to France. If your documents satisfy the consulate, your first French visa will be issued for 6 months, second – for 1 year, after that you may even be granted a 2 or 3 year multiple entry visa.

As for the processing times, so normal processing time for Schengen visa application is 3-5 working days for most nationalities. But there are a few exceptions (please refer to the French Embassy web site for details) when passport holders of certain nationalities have to wait up to 3 weeks and longer for their visa application to be processed. It is always a good idea to allow at least a few weeks to arrange a Schengen visa, and to book your holiday after you gather all necessary information.

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Schengen Visa Application for Students

If you stay in the UK on a student visa and wish to travel to a Schengen country for holidays, we would recommend you to apply for the French Schengen visa. The reason is that you can eventually get a multiple entry Schengen visa with the French consulate. You need to make sure that your Schengen visa application visa is in order. The French Consulate is slightly less demanding in this respect but it still means that you will have to present all necessary documents in the required state.
Two things must be mentioned in this respect: you must be living in the UK fot at least one month before you can apply for French Schengen Visa and you can only make a visa application while you are still studying. If you want to travel around Europe after your course finished you must submit your visa application in your home country.
The documents required for the French Schengen visa include:

– Your passport with UK residence permit stamp.

– Completed and signed visa application form.

– Two most recent passport size photos.

– College or university letter on a letter headed paper, original, not a scanned copy. Please note that this must be not your enrolment letter. The required letter must bear a recent date, it must not be older than 28 days and state that you will resume your studies upon returning from your holiday.

– Original bank statement that covers last full month and shows sufficient funds.

–  Hotel booking with your full name and tickets confirmation.

–  Travel Insurance.

Please note that a multiple entry visa can be issued only if the consulate makes a decision to grant it to you. If you are applying for French Schengen visa for the first time most probably you will be granted a sinle entry visa for one trip. You should use this visa for France and make sure your visa is stamped when you enter and exit France. If for example you have a French Schengen visa and you intend to use it for France, you can expect multiple entry visa up to 3 months next time you apply.
As for the processing times, the standard processing time is 3-5 business days for most nationalities. But there are a few exceptions (please visit the French Embassy web site for further information) when passport holders of certain nationalities have to wait up to 3 weeks or longer for their visa application to be processed. Always allow enough time to gather all necessary documents and submit Schengen visa application well in advance to have the visa ready in time for your trip.

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How I Applied for Schengen Visa to Italy

My husband and I received an invitation to join our friends for a visit to Italy. To make this happen we had to organise a visa for Italy. I decided to find some information on the website of the Italian Embassy in London. I found out that one must submit a visa application at the visa application centre, not at the Italian embassy.
I checked the appointment availability and booked one for me and one for my husband in two week time. It gave us enough time to gather visa supporting documents, to book tickets and make a hotel reservation. I want to draw your attention to the following two things. The appointment must be booked for every applicant. If, for instance, you are a family of two parents and one child you need to have three appointment slots booked in order to submit your visa application. The other point to mention is this: they want to see every applicant in person on the day of appointment. I did not know about this rule when I came to submit my husband’s application and mine, so I had to book another appointment, because they wanted to see him in person and did not accept his application.

The most important thing is get the visa supporting documents right. If you are applying for a tourist visa you need to put the hotel name and address, as well as the telephone number on the application form. In case you are invited by your relatives or friends, provide the invitation and copy of thir passport as well as the name and address on the application form. If it is a transit visa instead of the hotel details you should put the full address and name of the person you are staying with when arrive at the country which is your main destination.If you need a business visa you will be asked to provide both the details of the inviting organisation and of the hotel where you are staying.

All visa supporting documents including employment letter and bank statement must not be older than 28 days. It is important to have a photocopy of every original document you want to keep.Visa fee can be paid with credit card or cash.
You must provide the bank statement which shows your full name and UK address. If you do not receive the bank statements by post you can either ask your bank for a letter which confirms your UK address, or order the bank statements to be sent to your home address. It may take up to 5 working days. They processed our Schengen visa applications within one week.

We invite you to share your experience.  If you have any visa related questions we will be pleased to assist.

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How to Go about a Transit Schengen Visa

You can find lots of individuals who like travelling by car. They uncover it as a very convenient way of having a holiday, and you’ll be able to also save quite a bit on the tickets. A lot more and far more families favor travelling by automobile to likely for the vacation by train or plane. When you made the decision to travel from the UK to Albania, Turkey, Ukraine or other non-Schengen countries by vehicle, you require a transit Schengen visa (Variety B). This type of visa allows you to cross Schengen countries on your way for the main non-Schengen destination and stay a maximum of five days in the Schengen area.

When you are filling a visa application form to get a transit visa, instead of the hotel title, you should put your relatives’ or friends’ details in the country you are spending your vacation.

You can commence your journey in Dover, Folkestone, Hull, Portsmouth or yet another port where you can take a ferry or journey via the Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel). If, for instance, you journey starts in Dover  you may take a ferry or use the Tunnel to Calais, a city in the north of France. Simply because the first Schengen country you are crossing is France, you need to apply for your transit visa at the French consulate.



You really should be aware of the following visa supporting documents when you might be heading by automobile. If you are the owner of the automobile, you really should produce a log book for the car with your full title on it and vehicle particulars, MOT, your driving licence, and the car insurance.

You must submit the lease agreement if you are leasing the car. And in both circumstances the return ferry ticket along with your full name and vehicle details is vital. If there are passengers travelling with you in the car who also need a Schengen transit visa, their complete names need to be added to your ferry booking. In the event you fail to offer any of these documents, your application for a visa may be considered to be incomplete. This implies that you just will need to fetch the missing documents, guide another appointment and submit your visa application once again.

Wish to stay away from the expensive mistakes when applying for a Schengen visa? Follow the Schengen visa guide to help you succeed in acquiring your visa approved first time you submit your application.




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